Failure Investigations

Building failures occur frequently and vary in magnitude and severity. A large proportion of failures involve Curtain Walls, Cladding, Windows and Glazing. Some occur as a result of design defects, other from storms, fire and terrorist attacks.

Correction of the defects which give rise to these failures can only normally be accomplished following a structured forensic analysis of the installation. This will usually require some form of testing on site.

Cladtech Associates are able to offer an investigation service for all types of cladding failure. This service will typically include a close examination of the installation followed by the production of a detailed report which will identify the causes for the system failure, together with proposals and designs for remedial options. Remedial options are compared in terms of their relative initial cost, feasibility and likely long terms effectiveness. Cladtech Associates have extensive experience in designing, implementing and project managing remedial solutions to failed curtain wall and window installations.